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Melanie Hastings LLB (Hons) established OffsiteCentral Ltd in 2001. OffsiteCentral spans the globe to offer business clients efficient, friendly, high quality editing, proofreading and transcription services. 

We have a strong work ethic and won't be happy unless you are happy. We want to help you make your business cost-efficient and effective. Trust us with your documentation - you won't regret it.

See below for more details on our services.

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We edit, we proofread and we transcribe...

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Rather than wholesale revising, editing involves making many small changes to improve a document's readability and coherence. It may involve reordering material, applying consistent house style, improving or correcting word choice, eliminating repetition and clarifying ambiguity. Of course, spelling and grammar are always checked.

With a background in legal and professional publishing, Melanie Hastings has been an editor for more than 25 years and offers her editorial and proofreading expertise to those who wish to refine, check and polish their work.

Melanie edits any and all documents including teaching guides, children's books and legal and professional books and documentation.

She can work via email or inhouse in Auckland.

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Proofreading can encompass a multitude of different checks, but as a minimum Melanie's top class proofreading skills will ensure that your work is free of grammatical and spelling errors. She will check for, and query with you, any ambiguities or unclear phrases. Formatting and styling will also be checked, along with cross references. Rest assured your returned documents will be in immaculate English and error free!


OffsiteCentral has a team of transcribers and quality checkers to transcribe digital dictation - wherever in the world you may be. We offer a 24 hour turnaround time.

Use us for full-time support, for overflow and peak-time support, or for temporary cover and special projects.

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"Thanks very much for your typing over the course of the past year. I still find it amazing that it gets done on the other side of the world, but moreover, in all of the 35 years I’ve been doing this, it is by far the most accurate typing I have ever had done."

"You will always be my go-to person."

"Thanks Melanie – you make us so efficient!!"

"Just to say, you ladies do a great job - always really accurate and manage to make sense of my dreadful dictation!"

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Our physical location is Pt Chevalier, Auckland, New Zealand but we offer our services worldwide.

Please contact us with your queries or requests.

Thanks for submitting!

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